Yogyakarta Always Becoming Favorite Cities For Traveling

traveling to jogja

Some days I frequently travel to several cities, including Jakarta, Bandung, and is now up in the city of Yogyakarta, or better known as Jogja. Actually I’ve been to this town about three times. But, if I am traveling to this city always feel good atmosphere, possibly because of a distinctive cultures, people-friendly city, and of course the food was cheap. So, if you wish to be traveling with the aim of calming down, the city could be an option.

Although the title of this article is traveling, but this article contains about my trip to the city of Yogyakarta for work and I stayed in town only one day. So, if you’re curious what my activity and wherever I am when one day in Jogja, please continue reading until the end ?

My trip to Jogja started from the city of Bandung. I am using a plane Wings Air. Honestly, the first time I heard the name of the plane, because I know are Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Air Asia and Lion Air. But, it turns Wings Air is part of Lion Air. The journey from Bandung to Yogyakarta about 1 hour. Well, why me traveling to Yogyakarta?

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indonesia android kejar

My arrival to Yogyakarta for help from the Google Developer program, namely “Indonesia Android Kejar(IAK)”. This program teaches the Indonesian people to learn Android programming beginner, intermediate and advanced. Indonesian society include, students, and professionals. Anyone can join the program, and each person can be lecturers Android programming in a particular class. This program is free of charge, as well as being a teacher or facilitator will not get wages. For the materials provided to participants is the material that has been provided by Udacity. If you are interested in being a participant or facilitator, please visit the following link.

At the Indonesia Android Kejar 2017, I was a trainer to teach facilitators about soft skills or how to convey the subject matter to the facilitator. Jogja is the third city I visit after Jakarta and Bandung. The city that I liked to traveling other than the city of Bali.

Ok, got Jogja, I went straight to the event location at EDS UGM (Entrepreneur Development Service) at the University of Gajah Mada. The first person I met was the project manager of IAK in the city of Yogyakarta is Hilda. Hilda was very friendly and had prepared everything, such as event space, food, projectors, and more. So that when the facilitators collected all, we can immediately begin the event.

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The event starts, participants in Jogja was very excited and actively ask, so it makes sense tired I lost, because we did a question and answer session with a relaxed and joking, so the more colorful way. The event is running smoothly. Until finally I was chatting with one of the facilitators named Rosid. He is a very nice person. Rosid buy laptops, smartphones, and finance people to learn Android programming. Rosid feel sad when seeing young children who can not afford school, so he was a young child care so clever in programming then they can get a job. I am very proud of the Rosid.

traveling to yogyakarta

After the event, I eat “angkringan” with cheap prices and tasty. ” Angkringan ” is the place to eat on the roadside in the city of Yogyakarta. Then I stay at Cakra Kusuma Yogyakarta, location of the hotel is not far to the location of the event from IAK, so use Uber just 10 minutes. Arriving at the hotel, was finally able to stretch my legs and massaging the body with warm water ?. Before going to bed, I prepare goods for the city to the next, which is Semarang.

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traveling to yogyakarta

Early in the morning, after a shower, I had breakfast in the restaurant. Where to eat in a quiet atmosphere and played songs of Jogja, like this “… jogja..jogja jogja istimewa ..”. That song always sounds my ears. Well, because I have not felt the city of Yogyakarta, so, before heading to Semarang I do photos in the streets of the city of Yogyakarta. Although I was not able to visit Malioboro, Prambanan Temple, Borobudur, but enjoyed the atmosphere of this city alone makes me comfortable and quiet. Furthermore, Semarang I came.

traveling to jogja

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